How to crack CAT exam in 3 months

How to crack CAT exam in 3 months

With the official announcement (CAT 2020 notification) released by the IIMs, The Common Admission Test i.e., CAT 2020 is scheduled on 29th November 2020. It will be conducted in two shifts which are Morning Shift (9 AM- 12 PM) and Afternoon Shift (2 PM-5 PM). The CAT 2020 exam will be conducted by IIM Indore this year.

CAT 2020 Preparation in 3 Months

If you are reading this article now, then you are seriously wondering whether one can crack India’s toughest MBA entrance exam in just 3 months. What is the strategy to crack cat in 3 months? Can I crack cat in the first attempt?…  Right?

Well, there is a quote to answer this query:

How to crack CAT exam in 3 months

To bell the CAT 2020 exam and to how to score 99 percentile in CAT 2020, you are required to follow a standardized approach, i.e., firstly to understand whether you are seriously into it. Secondly, are you ready to do whatever it takes to crack this exam? If the answer is YES, then this article can be an eye-opener for you…

CAT 2020 is one of those prestigious exams in India which will definitely give you a career boost, in terms of skills, opportunities & monetary growth. So, buckle up. The only person who is holding you down is YOU only!!

Keep in mind that the CAT is an aptitude exam and not a knowledge-based exam, which means one simple thing, you don’t have to memorize/ mug-up a ton of things. You can get a 99+%ile even after 60 correct attempts out of a total of 100 questions that are asked in the paper.

Your attitude towards the exams must be like that only. Meaning, you don’t have to run over multiple things in order to score a hefty percentile. A selected few chapters and topics can take you there.

The BEST strategy to crack the CAT exam can only be formulated according to one’s area of expertise. In case you are not able to get it for yourself, then this article can definitely give you some insights to formulate the best strategy to crack the CAT exam for yourself.

Step by Step Guide on How to crack CAT exam in 3 months:

Follow these pointers to make a CAT 2020 preparation plan or you can say CAT 2020 preparation strategy.

1- Understand the CAT 2020 paper pattern, cutoff’s & Percentile

2- SWOT Analysis

3- Past Year Question Papers

4- Importance of Time Management

5- Coaching or Self- Study

6- The Art of giving Mock Tests

1- CAT 2020 paper pattern, cutoff’s & Percentile

First of all, understand all about CAT 2020: Eligibility for CAT, Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Important Dates.

With the CAT 2020 notification released on 29th July 2020, this year, the CAT 2020 exam will be conducted by IIM Indore on 29th November 2020. The paper pattern, marking scheme & the total number of questions will remain as it is (just like CAT 2019).

So, you are advised to strategize your preparation plan according to the three sections i.e., Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation, and Quantitative Aptitude. Scoring well in all the three sections is mandatory to fetch a 99+%ile. So, in order to prepare for CAT 2020 in 3 months, you must be fully aware of the basic details of the CAT 2020 exam.

For Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension Section

a) Make a habit of daily reading. Be it newspapers, blogs, articles, or essays. This will help in enhancing grammatical skills.

b) Try to summarise the content. This will help in understanding the thought process of the author or editor which will increase the number of good attempts in the actual CAT 2020 exam.

c) Devote 2 hours to this section on a daily basis.

Quick Link: How to Score 99+%ile in VARC for CAT- 20

For Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation Section

a) Since this section is considered to be the most unpredictable one by many CAT takers, don’t be demotivated. Because someone is out there who is going to score a 100%ile in this section as well.

b) Solve 2-3 Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation sets from a valid source on a daily basis. Thus, by the time of the CAT 2020 exam, you will have an overview of around 200 – 250 valid sets.

Quick Link: How to prepare for Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation (LRDI) for CAT-20

For Quantitative Ability (QA) Section

a) Clear the basic concepts first. Recently, the QA section is set to check your basic aptitude skills. So, identify the important topics or chapters first which you feel comfortable with keeping in mind the number of questions asked in the actual paper as well.

b) The most important chapters from which a maximum number of questions are asked in the CAT 2020 exam are Arithmetic, Geometry & Algebra. So, try covering these chapters first.

Quick Link: How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT-20?

2- SWOT Analysis

To score 99 percentile in CAT 2020 exam in a mere time of 3 months, you must start with finding out your strengths rather than focusing on what you can not do. Increase your efficiency by solving questions based on the chapters you already know. Start with those major topics of the CAT 2020 syllabus which you think you are good at. Meanwhile, it is always advisable to know your weaknesses as well. Once you have an idea as to which areas you need to work on, a better CAT 2020 preparation strategy can be formulated to aid those areas as well. This is known as SWOT analysis.

3- Past Year Question Papers

Before advancing to the CAT 2020 exam, you should check out past year CAT question papers. After analyzing the strong and weak areas, you must take up past year CAT papers in order to get a familiarity with the difficulty level of the actual CAT exam. This will help in devising your strategy in a more advanced and appropriate manner. Solving past year question papers will help in improving your question-solving pace as well as accuracy.

4- Importance of Time Management

Most of the CAT toppers consider time management as an important factor in order to crack CAT exam. Because of negative marking, without knowing how to solve 100 complex questions within the allotted time duration, you might not be able to score good marks and may even end up losing more marks.

To practise the art of time management, you can switch between different tasks whenever you feel saturated. This will increase the efficiency of utilising time and will boost your practise as well. The art of Time management is much easier when you are passionate about what you are doing, that’s why the goal analysis plays a vital role in making a dream…. a reality.

5- Coaching or Self-study?

Well, whether you want to prepare with a coaching institute or self-study, it wholly depends on you. The main agenda is to crack CAT 2020 exam and getting into your dream B-School. Right? Both have their own merits and demerits. It’s up to you to decide. If you have the right content and your schedule is up and running, you won’t be needing an institute.

There are various institutes that are offering CAT 2020 preparation online free of cost. You can take notes from there and practise as well. But, if you lack in maintaining the study- life balance, then a coaching institute is a must. In this Covid-19 situation, you will only get Online Classes. Try for yourself and decide which institute will be best according to your needs.

6- The Art of giving Mock Tests

Solving 3000 questions for Quantitative Aptitude, Practising 400 RC’s for Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension section or solving 200-300 sets for Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning won’t guarantee a 99+%ile in CAT 2020 exam.

You need to implement the knowledge in a time duration of 180 minutes only. So, in order to devise the best-suited strategy for yourself, taking mock tests is necessary.

Don’t misunderstand taking mock tests in terms of quantity but on quality. By quality, we mean it’s relevancy, apt analysis, etc.

Every mock test must be followed by a proper 3-4 hour analysis. This will help you in understanding the “1-minute rule” (if the question seems non-doable, skip it, don’t waste your time). Don’t take solving a question on your ego.

By giving plenty of mocks, your techniques, as well as your scores, will improve exponentially.

Now, it’s time to share a study plan which you can follow in order to score exponentially well in the CAT 20 exam with 3 months in hand.

Strategy to crack CAT in ~3 months 

110 days to CAT 2020

First thing first, take past year CAT actual paper as a mock test. Attempt a past year CAT mock test and see your current level (don’t worry, you might not be able to score 50+ out of 300) but at least you will get a basic idea on how much efforts you have to make in order to crack CAT 2020 in 3 months.

Learn the basics of QA and VARC. Give maximum time in understanding the concepts of various chapters of quantitative aptitude and try to complete it in 30 days. Till that time, make reading your habit.

80 days to CAT 2020

Having covered the basics of Quantitative Aptitude and good reading skill, it is now the time to take up the mock tests. Start off with 1 mock test a week which must be followed by an in-depth analysis of that mock. Work on the areas which you are still lacking.

For Quantitative Aptitude, start solving past year questions i.e., from the year 1990 till date. This will get you a question bank of around 2000 highly relevant questions for the same. The agenda is to get a familiarity with various types of questions per topic.

For Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, daily reading along with summarizing will help you in increasing the core ideology behind making such articles, editorials or essays. For this section, there is nothing much one can do. Just try to have a long and tensed reading habit as in actual CAT exam, this section shows up first having 4-5 long (300-500 word) passages followed by tricky verbal questions.

The idea behind reading is to increase your exhaustion level so that you won’t feel exhausted after attempting this section. As there will be 2 sections remaining in the exam.

For Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, try solving different types of sets. Remember, practise 2-3 sets on a daily basis.

50 days to CAT 2020

By this time, you should have covered a considerable number of the previous year QA questions.

Now is the time to increase the number of mock from one to two on a weekly basis which must be followed by the proper in-depth analysis. As usual, try to reattempt all the questions which you’ve left during the mock test-taking. This will help you in understanding the topics which need to be properly revised again.

These mocks are to be given within the time frame of the actual CAT 2020 exam, i.e., in morning and afternoon slots. This will increase the efficiency of your mind during that time period which will prove to be beneficial during the actual CAT 2020 exam.

Same goes for VARC & LRDI as well.

30 days to CAT 2020

Now is the time to increase the number of mocks to 3-4 mocks a week which without saying is followed by proper analysis & revision.

Don’t learn anything new. If you are not able to score well in some mocks, then don’t fill your mind with unnecessary thoughts. Believe in yourself and follow the same practise path only.

10 days to CAT 2020

Now is the time when you must relax and sit back at home. Decrease the number of mocks to 1 mock only.

Revise those mocks in which you have performed poorly. This will help in remembering the mistakes that you’ve made while attempting that mock.

Make sure you get a sound sleep & ample of nourishment.

Go through the topics which you are comfortable with. Don’t try to learn new things, just focus on your strengths.

5 days to The CAT 2020

Believe in yourself. Take your last mock, 5 days before the D-day. Do light revisions. Try not to burden yourself with unnecessary thoughts. Always see the bright side & get on with it.

Relax your mind before the Final CAT day.

I wish you ALL THE BEST!!

You are going to score a good percentile in CAT 2020.

Have faith in yourself.

How to crack CAT exam in 3 months


How to crack CAT exam in 3 months

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